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Nothin’ Much

Sorry but we haven’t done much, seeing as it’s the summer. We did finish our rain barrel though. It looks great, thanks to Rose our amazing, artisitc, talented artist. I’ll post pics ASAP. Can’t wait for next year! Have a fun summer everyone!!



Our environment club has volenteered to paint a rain barrel for the comox valley!! Our AMAZING artist, Rose has designed a beautiful sceneto paint on it. We just finished adding more flowers to our forest , we are also planning to visit Cumberland school to see there garden. I’ll post the pics later.



Attention all you earth lovers!! Earth Day is coming up next week!!! On Thursday!!! Our environment club is doing all kinds of stuff for in our school, to benifit, beautify and support the environment that week!!

  • Wearing Earth colours
  • planting and displaying planters in the front of our school (similair to what we did last year)
  • Earth day banner
  • Garbage free lunch day
  • displaying environmental books in the library
  • making annoucments on the PA
  • putting up posters reminding kids to be environmental
  • doing a newspaper article with pictures of what we’re doing
  • daily environmental trivia (which will also be displayed on the blog)

News; Environmental Conference

Our school is hosting an environmental conference for other schools to participate in. If you’re interested contact us at [email protected] . Guest speakers Gayle Bates and Zac Whyte are going to be there to inspire us. We will also be working on making a goal that we all can participate in. If you have any ideas comment on this post.




Environment Annoucement

Climate Action Candlelight Vigil – Saturday, December 12

On Saturday, December 12, Comox Valley residents (including all kids!!) are invited to take a stand on addressing climate change at a brief candlelight vigil to be held in the fountain area of the Sid Williams Theatre at 5:30 pm. Photos from this vigil will be posted online at and distributed to media and world leaders.

This vigil is one of thousands of events being planned in every corner of the world during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.  As part of this historical day of climate action, our message is clear – the world wants world leaders at the Copenhagen talks to take climate change seriously and to do something about it. 

Dress warmly and bring a candle to this family-friendly event. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, call Alison 337-1780 or Janet 337-5412

Hello world!

Hello Everyone,

It's not always easy being green!

It's not always easy being green!

Thanks for visiting our blog. We’re just a school enviroment club trying to get the GREEN message out. Please let us know if your school has an enviroment club. We will be hosting a conference for other schools to come and learn how to be GREEN and maybe start a big project. Right now we’re working on the Green Challenge and trying to win a solar panel for our computer lab. We are also trying to get some ideas for a greener Christmas. If you have an idea please post a comment

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